Vitella Versi

Gel for skin following Tinea Versicolor caused by Malassezia furfur presence.


Symptoms of Tinea versicolor manifests as pale or dark spots on skin, resulting from Malassezia furfur presence. Vitella Versi contains octopirox and ichthyol pale. Octopirox has antifungal properties which cleans the skin of yeasts which cause the spots. Ichthyol pale decreases excessive sebum production and has anti-inflammatory properties. Dark spots reduce in color, white spots diminish with sun exposure.


Apply gel once a day to the affected areas of skin. Massage gently into the skin, 1–2 minutes. Recommend to use Mediket Versi in shower before application. Keep using Vitella Versi for 3–4 weeks. Continue with Mediket Versi for another 4–5 weeks. Use for adults and children from 10 years.


Does not contain parabens.

Preparation: gel
Packaging: 100 ml

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