Vitella Treox

First aid in inflammatory flare-ups.

Vitella Treox is a gel designed for regeneration and re-epithelization of irritated skin during acute phases in various types of dermatitis. Effective combination of active ingredients accelerates regenerative processes.


Ozonized olive oil is a unique patented form of oxidated olive oil which has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It reduces skin redness and itching and supports skin cells proliferation.


Tocopherol acetate (Vitamin E) has anti-oxidative properties and protects the skin from the effects of free radicals. Together with the oleic acid it functions as a stabilising factor of ozone in the formula.


Sodium hyaluronate supports skin cells and tissue regeneration. It is well known for its strong moisturising properties. It softens the skin, restoring its elasticity and hydration.


Texture: gel


Net quantity: 20 ml

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