Solution for the routine cleansing of dogs' and cats' ears with balanced preventive and protective effects of the components on the external ear canal.


Regular hygiene should be observed to preserve healthy ears in dogs and cats. A conscientious owner can prevent the development of more serious problems and disease of ears in dogs and cats through the careful use of a high quality product. What should be provided by and contained in a high-quality product for cleansing the external ear canal of dogs?


Otivet contains and provides an effect in consecutive stages as follows:

Phase of cleaning and removal of undesired elements:

a/ Change of pH to mildly acidic Lactic acid
b/ Dissolution of ear wax Propylene glycol
c/ Keratolytic, hydration effects, support of healing Allantoin
d/ Anti-itching effect Evening primrose oil (eicosanoids)
Disinfection phase: Chlorhexidine

Phase of natural function restoration (healing phase):

a/ Optimal hydration of the skin should be ensured Mineral oil, lactic acid
b/ Keratoplastic effect for faster regeneration Allantoin, propylene glycol of the epidermis


Instructions for use: Fill the entire ear canal with the solution and rub it gently. Once the impurities dissolve, let the animal shake its head and remove the remaining impurities with a cotton swab. Repeat the process if necessary. Clean the ears as needed or consult your veterinarian.


Preparation: solution


Unit: 75 ml

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